Good sex is timeless, hot, and everything nice but not everyone gets it. A 2018 review estimates 52% of men experience various forms of erectile dysfunction. You might have noticed your sex drive lowering as you hit 40, with low energy levels, and unable to erect on demand.

It’s a bummer when a man loses control in bed; we’re here to liberate you from sexual underperformance.

Before you think of this as another shady internet pill, 5g male supplement is a tested and guaranteed male enhancer. 5g male is a supplement, compromising of all-natural ingredients, ready to make you rock the bed, every time.

All you need to know about 5g Male

5g male is a specially designed supplement that stands apart from cheap internet male enhancement pills. Furthermore, supplement is loaded with exclusive all-natural ingredients; designed to fuel your sex drive. 5g male ingredients includes extracts from herbs targeting your libido development and giving you harder erections.

The pill and its formula help in penis enlargement, longer ejaculations, and a chance to reclaim your throne in the bed. We’ll give you a little sneak peek into 5g male ingredients such as Garlic which contains Allicin. This active compound increases blood flow in the penile region, giving you rock-hard erections every time.


  • Provides longer and harder erections

  • Helps increase the time of sexual intercourse

  • Stimulates testosterone production

  • Boosts blood circulation

  • Improves power and virility

  • Enhances libido and energy level

  • Promotes stamina and endurance

  • Boosts manly health

  • Increases penis size and improves orgasm

  • Raises self-confidence


  • The supplement may be purchased only online

  • It’s advisable to check with your doctor before use, if you have any serious health issues